Insurance Cover For Outdoor Activity Groups

We understand that as an outdoor activity provider you need insurance for peace of mind as you concentrate on your business.  Whether you’re an individual activity leader who may be working on a freelance basis, or a larger organisation with employees, we will endeavour to provide the right policy for you at an affordable price. We cover many indoor and outdoor activities allowing us to advise on policies around your needs. Alongside our insurance knowledge, we have a great deal of understanding of the outdoor activity industry, from the range of qualifications to the wide ranging activities. Our specialist activity provider insurance policy will help cover you correctly. 

What We Do

Step 1. Define Your Outdoor Business

Step 2. Identify The Specific Risks

Step 3. We Ensure You Get The Best Cover

Step 4. We Continue To Deliver A High Level Of Service And Advice To Our Clients

Why You Need Insurance

Having the right insurance is not only best business practice, it’s an essential part of being a responsible business owner. It helps you maintain a reputable and sustainable business by protecting you, your employees, and your business assets; and could mean the difference between your business surviving or folding following an unforeseeable event.

The information you will need to provide us will include: 

  • The type of business 
  • Full contact details, including full business address, phone number and email address
  • ABN of your business
  • Estimated annual revenue
  • The number of people working in your business, including yourself

Our Advisors

Ian Ferris

Director, Senior Account Executive & Responsible Manager - Caloundra Office Ian has worked in the Insurance Industry since 1995 and joined the Your Insurance Broker team in 1998.

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