• What types of Insurance should a nature play business consider?

The Insurances required for any one business may vary compared to the next, however the cover should generally start with at least the $20 Million Liability cover, other exposures should be discussed when we are arranging the protection specifically for your business

  • What qualifications (if any) do I need to get for my nature play business?

The qualifications required will depend on the age of the children you are working with and the activities you are undertaking.

  • What ratios of care do we need to provide for the insurance cover?

Educator to Child Ratios are only specified currently in the National Quality Framework for Family Day Care and Centre based requirements. It makes sense to follow these same ratios however there may always be additional factors which determine the ratios are insufficient

for your activities or the specific group of children you are responsible for.

  • Do parents need to sign a waiver for their child to attend every type of program such as festivals, drop in workshops and having an OSHC visiting on excursion?

There are ways to manage these risks and disclosures which we can discuss depending on your specific circumstances.

  • Do we count attending (but not paying) parents/guardians in annual prediction of attendees?

It is generally only the children you are providing services for that are declared in your estimates, you will also have a responsibility to the attending adults also.

  • Do Insurance requirements change if we use sub-contractors?

Yes there are specific disclosures and discussions to be had regarding using sub-contractors in your business when arranging your insurance, or if the situation changes during the year

  • What happens if my business activities change during the year?

You should always have a frequent dialogue with us if you propose any changes in your business activities, we can advise on the insurance amendments required before you make the changes to your business if they have a cost or excess effect.