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Insurance Cover for Nature Play & Outdoor Activities

We understand the need for Children and Adults alike to have the opportunity to get outdoors and experience nature in a less structured way, to assist with their learning and development (socially, emotionally, culturally & cognitively) whilst appreciating all that can be experienced outside the box whilst engaging with the natural environment.

Many of our team have experienced the wonder of the outdoors growing up and continue to as adults. We certainly appreciate the opportunity you are making available to the community and the enrichment it provides particularly to a childhood, or to adults who are yet to experience that wonder.

As a Nature Play/Outdoor activity provider, you need certain insurance for peace of mind as you concentrate on your business.  Whether you are a larger organisation with owners/directors and employees or an individual activity leader who may be working on a sub-contract basis, we will endeavour to provide an appropriate, affordable, and sustainable cover for you.

We have the expertise to place cover for many indoor and outdoor activities allowing us to advise on policies specifically around your needs, whether it’s Liability alone, or if you should also consider Professional Indemnity, Management Liability & Voluntary Workers covers, and any other styles of insurance specific to your individual requirements.

It is important of course that you have appropriate Risk Management, Training, Qualifications & Certification where required.

We promise to work with you promptly and professionally with a personal touch, to arrange and manage your insurance needs so you can get on with the business you provide on a day-to-day basis and look forward to the opportunity of assisting you.


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Define Your Business

In order to give the best advice we need to understand how you operate 

Identify The Risks

Identifying the high risk areas highlights where you might be exposed and what the financial implications are. 

Advise On the Best Cover Possible

Its important to weigh up all the information available before we advise on a solution. 

Why You Need Good Insurance

Having the right insurance is not only best business practice, it’s an essential part of being a responsible business owner. It helps you maintain a reputable and sustainable business by protecting you, your employees, and your business assets; and could mean the difference between your business surviving or folding following an unforeseeable event.

Our Key People

Ian Ferris

Director, Senior Account Executive & Responsible Manager - Caloundra Office Ian has worked in the Insurance Industry since 1995 and joined the Your Insurance Broker team in 1998.

Katelind Jensen

Assistant Account Manager Katelind has been an integral part of the Your Insurance Broker team for over 5 years

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